Sunday, 3 July 2016


The noise in the corridor

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The rain poured onto the roof. Lightning flashed throughout the sky. The three friends Big John, Ronald and Donald Stared out the window in despair. Just then a loud screeching noise came from the the old abandoned school. “ should we check it out “ exclaimed Big John “ sue I guess there isn’t anything else to do “ said Ronald, so the boys set off.

They started get closer and closer to the entrance, the rain poured amongst their faces. Big John reached out to grab the doorknob his hand shook. Sweat dripped down his face. He turned the knob and slid the door open. A flash of lightning lit up the room like a christmas tree. The floorboards creaked as the boys stepped into the old abandoned school. The boys were excited but scared. Old twisted vines wrapped around old furniture and desks. Rain dripped out of the gaping hole in the roof. Suddenly the noise down the corridor screeched in Big John's ears “ AHHH “ he screamed in horror, “ we have to get out “.  They frantically sprinted towards the big oak doors but…. A shadowed figure creeped out from the darkness. Big john was fastly regretting eating those pies for breakfast, lunch and tea. The shadowed figure slams the door shut. The boys were trapped.

They scattered around the school trying to find a way out. “ nothing “ said ronald and donald, “ i can’t find anything either “ said Big John. Suddenly Big John turned around to ask ronald and donald a question but they weren’t there. The only thing left was ronalds left shoe, “This isn’t funny boys “ Big John yelled. A rush of fear raced through Big John's body Sweat lightly dribbled down his face, B Big John had to get out. He rushed around he wasn’t worried about his friends anymore, he just wanted to get out. There was a glimmer of hope when he saw light but that was just from the old janitor's  closet. He ran right around the entire school but all the windows doors or any other entrances were blocked. Big John had a thought in his mind that maybe he was going to be next. The floorboards creek Big John turned around and the shadowed figure was coming. Big John tried to run but there was no hope after all those pies he was stuffed He felt a sharp pain stab into his neck he saw blood fly into the sky…. He was gone.

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  1. Caleb
    This is a sensational piece of writing - the images that are created by the strength of the writing is great, its an evocative piece and one that I will be sharing with my class. This is fantastic.
    Mr Webb