Monday, 16 May 2016

Recount Writing

Ricos Birthday

Slowly driving down Hobson street, looking to try and find Rico’s house. We slowly pulled up to a house and Rico ran out of the garage in excitement.

Splash!!! the water flew up into the air as Braith did a huge bomb off the inflatable platform. We walked over to the spa and slowly dropped into the water. As Ricos mum walked in the door we quickly went and lined up for the slide. We rapidly raced down the slide, once we got to the end the lifeguard was furious.

Once we got back there were cans of silly string. I picked up a can and shook it around and sprayed it around the whole park. Suddenly I felt a mountain of silly string pour onto my head, It was a lot of fun.

We slowly dripped the icy cold fizzy drinks into the cups. I bounced the ball on the table and it sunk into the cup. Rico chugged down the fizzy. Rico picked up the ball and bounced it into the cup. I picked up the freezing cold cup and drank it. My brain froze as I read my challenge.

I had a lot of fun. It was the coolest birthday i’ve been to.

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