Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Character Description

My Nana is a great Nana, She lives out the back of Hawera. She is my Mum's Mum and she works on a dairy farm.

She is fantastic at knitting and an expert at sewing, she likes to do it when she has spare time. She knits sweaters and scarfs and all the stuff she knits looks really spectacular. She also bakes scrumptious things to eat and I enjoy cooking with her in the kitchen. There is never enough hours in the day for her, but she always makes time to see us, even though the farm demands her time.

She's a nice and caring person and when we are at her house she always looks after me. She is a smart person so if I am stuck or need help with what some words mean I know she is always there to help.

She is tallish and has grey, curly hair. She always has a smile on her face, and that's what makes Nana unique. I like to joke around with her and sometimes she finds the things I say funny.

I think my Nana is the best Nana ever.

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