Tuesday, 21 July 2015

I Think The NZ Flag Shouldn't Be Changed

I think that the NZ flag shouldn't be changed.

My first point is the cost of researching the design. It has been said that it would cost around 26 Million dollars just to research a new designs. Also it would be very time consuming to the person who has to research all about it.

Secondly it will be a big hassle having to actually change it. People will have to spend valuable money having to buy the new flag to put on their flag pole at home. But then they would also have to change uniforms like army uniforms.

Last but not least there is a lot of history behind the NZ flag.  Everyone recognises the flag as it is now. Some people might not want the flag changed. In all the new designs that have been created I have not seen the union jack on it and that is the main design on our flag.

These are my reasons why NZ shouldn't change the flag.

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