Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Final Race

The grass was green, the sky was blue and I was ready to race.

I sit on the line staring down the competition. Could I possibly win this race? I grip my feet into the soft grass, I steady myself, I clear my head. My life depended on this race I needed to win. The suddenly 3,2,1......

I jolt off the line at the speed of light, my legs were like rockets. I pace down the first stretch of track. Sitting in 3rd place I knew I needed to make up some ground. I felt as speedy as a cheetah. First place here I come.

Land 100 metres i'm still steadily in third. And that's when...... I finally creep into second. Neck and neck with first, 5 metres to go I jump for the line and...... I made it!!!

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