Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Roads End

Here is a little piece of writing that I did at school. The purpose of this was that you were the person in the red scarf and you had to write about what happened in this clip above. If you read my piece of writing you might get an idea of what happens. Then watch the video to see what actually happens.
WARNING; May Scare Some

The wind pushed the wheel around the axle of the dusty rust bucket.  All I could hear was the screeching. " Were you in there?" an old man said. I quickly turned around. There was an old man in the car behind me. "There's a station up the road. I can take you there." I jumped in the car.

We slowly start climbing up a steep hill. "Are you sure you're alright?" the old man questioned me. I stare at my watch, almost time. He looks into my eyes.  A terrified look pops on his face as he grabs the wheel, it was too late!! The car flies off a cliff, it was over.

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