Wednesday, 25 February 2015

School Triathlon 2015

Every Step
My heart was pounding as I slowly watched every one walk up to the starting line one by one. I dreadfully waited for my turn.... Then it was my time to shine.
I sprinted off the line at the speed of light, I was off. I was racing competitively so were the people beside me. I was striding round the field trying to catch my breath. I could hear parents, students and teachers everyone was cheering. I ran through the gates into the transition, now on to the bike.
I grabbed my bike slapped on my helmet and raced off to the road. Sweat was dripping down my face as the hot sun glared down on me but I carried on. Going uphill was a struggle but I sped around the cone and I was flying downhill. I was almost there!
I dumped my bike slipped my shoes and shirt off and dived into the pool, It was refreshing. I started swimming I felt that my legs were giving up on me but that didn't stop me. "1 length down 4 to go" I said to myself. I was like a torpedo racing through the water. This was it 1 length to go I gave it my all, 1 more breath and..... FINISHED
I was happy that I finished in second place in the triathlon and I can't wait to do it next year.


  1. Fabulous writing Caleb! I'm so impressed that you have gone home tonight and completed this.

  2. Great writing Caleb ;)

    Jacob Forsyth