Monday, 24 March 2014

Adapting dad by Anthony Browne

We read zoo by Anthony Browne.  We talked about his character traits and then we made up our own version of zoo but put him in a different situation. We chose a setting and wrote about it. I chose to do it in the supermarket so enjoy.
"Come on kids we have to go get groceries" dad screamed down the hallway "ok" the kids groaned 

"Come on stupid trolley unjam" dad screamed while everyone giggled watching dad fail.  Dad was pushing the trolleys round everywhere "we'll just get a basket" dad roared.  He stormed off angrily snatching a basket. 

"$8.50 for milk that's an outrage" dad screamed everyone heard him and they just stared at him. "Oh well I'll just go pay" dad said to the kids.  At the counter there was a short queue "that will be $700 sir" the person said at the counter "no no no that must be a mistake" dad said angrily. 

In a hurry dad put everything back "dad why are we putting everything back" said one of the kids. "It's because this place is a rip off." Dad stormed off in anger.

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