Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Olympic thinker keys

Here is my thinker keys that I made on the olympics. We had a variety of activities to complete. I thought it was very fun since it was around the time that the olympics were on. I also got to find out somethings I've never known.

Calf and Lamb day Tinfoil Creation

Here is my tinfoil house that I made for calf and lamb day. I tried to make a barn but it didn't really work and now it looks like a house. I cut the front out so it looks like a house. I used a net to make it and I glued it on card, then folded it and wrapped it in tinfoil.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Calf and lamb day animal art

Here is my art for calf and lamb day. I made the ground with grass and mixed the blue and white together to make a lighter blue, and I made the barn. I made the fence with sticks. And I made the lamb on a piece of cardboard and painted it black.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Roller mills 2016

Here is the photo from the roller mills tournament 2016. It was hosted by the Taranaki Rugby Football Union. It was in the first week of the holidays. I played in the Taranaki team and we played everyday. We faced Auckland East, Auckland West, North Haurbour, King Country, Counties Manukau and Waikato. We only won 1 game which was against King Country. I scored 1 try and that was against Counties. We played on the number 1 field 3 times. I had heaps of fun!

Speech about farts


Hi name is Caleb and today i will be discussing about FARTS yes big stinky smelly farts. A fart can be very embarrassing if you do them in public . A fart can sometimes be funny but can also stink really bad. Did you know the average person farts around 15 times a day, Or that the average person produces half a litre of gas a day. Although girls don’t admit it yes girls do farts as often as boys. A fart is composed of about 59 percent nitrogen, 21 percent hydrogen, 9 percent carbon dioxide, 7 percent methane and 4 percent oxygen. A fart is created when the body lets go of the excess gas built up in the intestines. Sulfates are the reason farts smell like rotten eggs. Eating foods with high sulfates will make your farts really stinky. Some things that have high sulfate levels are things like dairy products and fruit and vegetable. Farting also reduces high blood pressure and is good for your health. Did you know a blue whale’s fart bubbles are large enough to enclose a horse. Did you know you can get special medication so your farts can smell like chocolates or roses? Tests have shown that farts can come out of your bottom at around 10 feet per second. I fart quite a few times a day. And I'm sure you do too. Thank you for listening to my speech.

Calf and Lamb Day Observational Drawing

Here is my observational drawing for calf and lamb day. I traced the bull and then I free handed the hills and the fences. I tried to smudge the hills to give it some effect.

Graphic design

Here is my graphic design image that I made for the MOA Awards. It didn't make it to the finals but I'm still happy with how it turned out. I took the photo by myself.

Original Image

Here is my image that I entered in the MOA Awards sadly it didn't make it. We also have to enter a image for our calf and lamb day art so I will enter this photo.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Soccer balls

Soccer Balls

Soccer balls come in all sizes, they are used almost everyday. I’m here to tell you more about them.

The first soccer balls were made out of pigs bladder and leather. It wasn’t until 1885 when Charles goodyear designed and built the first vulcanized rubber soccer balls.

Soccer balls these days  are made with layers of polyester or cotton blend which gives it its strength, structure and bounce. The inside of the ball  where all the air is is made out of rubber. 

Soccer balls need to be manufactured properly so it makes it easier for players to kick. They also need to be strong so it stays together, because it gets kicked over 1,000 times in a game

It is a very technical process creating a soccer ball.

Lets cook Rugby ball biscuits

Here are my rugby boot cookies that I made for my lets cook badge. I made a simple gingerbread dough and used my cookie cutter that I made with the 3d printer. They tasted good.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Let's cook Designer Cupcakes

Here are my cupcakes that I made for my lets cook badge. It is supposed to look like a strawberry ice cream sundae with a cherry on top. I am very happy with how they turned out

Thursday, 15 September 2016

French lesson 1

Image result for french flag

For our first lesson we had to write down what brother and sister and stuff like that meant. We also had to make a slide and write down 1-20 in french. 

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Kitchen Safety Rules

Here is my 8 safety rules for in the kitchen for my lets cook activities. These are some of the most simple rules to keep you safe in the kitchen without hurting yourself or burning the house down.

Monday, 22 August 2016

DPE Car Design

Here is the design I have created for Electrical Engineering. We are making cars with wood. We had to create the design and then cut it out. Then we traced it onto wood and used the scroll saw to cut out our piece. The we put supports in the middle and put the motors on.

DPE Electrical Engineering (Moving Motor)

Here is my arguing project that I completed. I had to look at a piece of paper to help me put it together and to write the program for it. The whole idea of the program was to make the motor move using the joystick to move it. It was a very difficult but fun program once it was finished.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Methanex Maths

Here is my project for the Methanex. We did it about the maths used in robotics. We did it about the process to making a good robot. We also added photos of robots and different sensors used in robotics.

DPE Robotics

Here is my workbook for robotics. For robotics we were given a set of challenges that we had to complete in a certain amount of time. Some of the challenges were difficult but some challenges were easy cause I have done robotics before.

DPE Cooking Tech

Here is my workbook from DPE Cooking Tech. There is a lot of balanced food diets, healthy recipes and all the things we made in cooking tech. The whole idea was about making healthy choices and making healthy but tasty foods.

DPE Fabric Tech

Here is my workbook from fabric tech. It has what i done and created. We made some very cool things and I am happy with the quality of my stuff. Also it was my first time making heaps of things with a sewing machine.

Sports Thinkers Keys

Here is my thinkers keys. For thinkers keys there were a different variety of activities that we had to complete over a period of time. It was quite fun but also challenging. 

Reading Labels (Lets Cook)

Here is my study that I did on packaged foods for my lets cook activities. I was very surprised at the sugar and fat content in some of the foods.

DPE Electrical Engineering

For DPE I am now doing electrical engineering, I learned how to do some basic things and learnt how  use Arduino. Like making a light flash and making a noise with a speaker. It is a very complicated process with the programming cause if one block isn't correct the whole program will stuff up.

Mahe Drysdale

Mahe Drysdale

Mahe drysdale is an olympic athlete. The 2016 olympics will be his 4th olympic games, let me tell you more about him.

Alexander Mahe Owens Drysdale, born 19th November 1978 in Melbourne, Australia. He attended Tauranga Boys College. He lived between NZ and Australia till he was 4, Then moved to the UK until he was 11, then moved back to NZ and settled down in Tauranga.

he has trained as a full time rower for approximately 15 years now. He also loves cycling so he does that a lot to keep him in shape for rowing.

Mahe has been very successful at the olympics. 2008 in Beijing he won Bronze, 2012 in London he won Gold and in Rio 2016 He won gold. He won by less than 10cm. All those medals came from men's single scull.

Mahe Drysdale is a very successful athlete.



BMX is a very technical sport it is very physical and the riders have to be in great shape, Let me tell you more about BMX.

About BMX
BMX is a type of off road bike race. There are up to 8 racers on the track at once. They make their way around the course with a variety of jumps and rollers. They have to make it to the finish line and the first one to cross the line wins.

There is a lot of training involved with BMX. Riders would have to be very fit to pedal their bike around the track. And also very strong so riders can manoeuvre their way over the jumps and round corners at full speed.

BMX In The Olympics
Riders race around in heats trying to set the fastest times they can to qualify for the quarter finals. After they race in the semi-finals then the finals to establish a 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place

BMX is a very physical sport.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Study of well known chef ( Rachael Ray )

Rachael Ray was born on August 25 1968. She was born in Glens falls, New York. She currently works on a TV show called Rachael Ray, The TV show is filmed in Chelsea television studios New York. Her signature recipe is 30 minute meals. In 2006 she opened a non profit organisation called yummy to empower kids and their families to develop healthy relationships with food and cooking

Monday, 1 August 2016

Information Report Chickens


Did you know? The chicken is the closest living relative to the great tyrannosaurus rex! Or that they can remember more than 100 faces of other chickens! So i’m here to teach you more about chickens.

Behaviour: chickens like to live
together in groups, this is also known as a flock. Removing chickens from the flock disturbs all the other chickens, this happens until the next pecking order is established.

Habitat: In the wild they scratch at the ground in search of food. They can live for 5-10 years depending on the breed of chicken.

Diet: Chickens can eat a variety of things like fruit, veges, flowers , grass, bugs and in.
sects. They can also find little specks in the ground which humans can’t see.

A chicken is a very interesting animal.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Robotics week 5

Here is my robot that I created for our sumo bot competition. I used this design because it looked like a strong robot with a pusher on the front. It was hard programming the light sensor because of the calibration of the light. When we went into competition I tied in first place.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

3D Token Box

Here is the token box I created using Tinkercad. I made it so the top of the box could slide off to get the tokens out. I had to measure the token so i could get it big enough for a token. It was hard to get the dimensions right so the top would slide off with ease.

Robotics week 4

LEGO Mindstorms NXT Crazy Lawn Mower
 For week 4 we focused on finishing the golf bot challenge. The we started to do our sumo bots. I decided to choose this design because it had a big pusher on the front and it looked like a strong robot in sumo the goal is to push the opponents robot off the board. Its hard to program because once it gets to the edge of the board it has to stop and turn around. I can't wait for session 5


The noise in the corridor

Image result for dark corridor in old abandoned school
The rain poured onto the roof. Lightning flashed throughout the sky. The three friends Big John, Ronald and Donald Stared out the window in despair. Just then a loud screeching noise came from the the old abandoned school. “ should we check it out “ exclaimed Big John “ sue I guess there isn’t anything else to do “ said Ronald, so the boys set off.

They started get closer and closer to the entrance, the rain poured amongst their faces. Big John reached out to grab the doorknob his hand shook. Sweat dripped down his face. He turned the knob and slid the door open. A flash of lightning lit up the room like a christmas tree. The floorboards creaked as the boys stepped into the old abandoned school. The boys were excited but scared. Old twisted vines wrapped around old furniture and desks. Rain dripped out of the gaping hole in the roof. Suddenly the noise down the corridor screeched in Big John's ears “ AHHH “ he screamed in horror, “ we have to get out “.  They frantically sprinted towards the big oak doors but…. A shadowed figure creeped out from the darkness. Big john was fastly regretting eating those pies for breakfast, lunch and tea. The shadowed figure slams the door shut. The boys were trapped.

They scattered around the school trying to find a way out. “ nothing “ said ronald and donald, “ i can’t find anything either “ said Big John. Suddenly Big John turned around to ask ronald and donald a question but they weren’t there. The only thing left was ronalds left shoe, “This isn’t funny boys “ Big John yelled. A rush of fear raced through Big John's body Sweat lightly dribbled down his face, B Big John had to get out. He rushed around he wasn’t worried about his friends anymore, he just wanted to get out. There was a glimmer of hope when he saw light but that was just from the old janitor's  closet. He ran right around the entire school but all the windows doors or any other entrances were blocked. Big John had a thought in his mind that maybe he was going to be next. The floorboards creek Big John turned around and the shadowed figure was coming. Big John tried to run but there was no hope after all those pies he was stuffed He felt a sharp pain stab into his neck he saw blood fly into the sky…. He was gone.

Monday, 27 June 2016


For engineering we started to create gliders out of origami. We watched some videos on what forces are used to make a plane fly. It was hard to make because of the different folds we had to add tape at the end of it for weight.

DPE Robotics Week 3

For the third week of robotics we started to do a golf challenge. I had finished my bot last week so I just had to connect the arm. I changed the club on it because it was hard to line up with the ball because it wasn't wide enough. We made up a few courses we had to complete. It was hard to line the ball up with the robot when it drove up to the ball.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Bridge engineering

Here is the plan for my groups bridge for engineering. We were allowed to use 200 Popsicle sticks and hot glue or tape. We tried to design ours like a truss bridge. When we made it we tied to make it look the best and hold the most. We tried to make it really strong in the middle. We ended up with the strongest bridge.

Robotics 3d printing

As a part of our robotics competition for theatre Me Joe and Durann made up some turtle shells cause our theme is teenage mutant ninja turtles. We made the big shell for our bigger turtle robot. We still need to print the other half for it. We also need to make a few adjustment because the shell wasn't big enough at the back. We also made smaller shells for the little Brissel bugs to make them look like turtles.

DPE Robotics week 2

For our second challenge we did a slalom challenge. That is when the robot has to zig zag through a set of cups. It was challenging because the cups were all placed in different places. Me matt and jos were the only ones to complete it so we had to compete for the fastest time. I was the fastest.

DPE Robotics week 1

For DPE I am now in the robotics module. For our first challenge we had to build a standard Tri-bot and program it to go around a square 3 times. It was hard because sometimes I wouldn't start the robot right so it was hard to get accurate. I was the only one to complete the challenge.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Children should not have to do homework

I strongly believe that children should not have to do homework.

My first point is that we do about 4 hours of learning at school. When you go home you should be able to relax and not have to waste your time doing boring things like homework.

Secondly lots of people have sports and other commitments after school. No one wants to rush around after sport just to do their homework.

Finally I think it is very boring. I mean how many kids actually like doing homework? Definitely not me.

I strongly believe that children should not have to do homework.

Dawson falls

As we drive up the narrow road slowly making our way to the top my heart races in excitement.

We grab out the bag full of water and snacks, and we set off to start our adventure. We start to walk down the trail. I could hear the crash as it drops down. I follow the sign that leads me to my destination. As I stepped down the last step I glanced at the gigantic waterfall, I had made it to Dawson falls.

How a catapult works

Lots of people have seen a catapult being fired. But not many people know how it works. Do you ?

Catapults are used to launch an object from point A to point B. A catapult builds tension by stretching ropes or rubber bands tightly to build up power. The more it stretches the more tension it creates. When you feel you have pulled back the arm far enough. Let go of the arm and the tension will release and throw the object.

And that is how a catapult works. 

Maori design art

Here is my Maori design art. I made it so I had one main design and then made a lot of different designs. I tried to make my designs as symmetrical as I could

Spherical art

Another pice of art we did was our spherical art. First we had to draw spheres. Then we checkered them and coloured every second one in. Then we drew up squares 2cm x 2cm and coloured them in so it was checkered. And that created the effect of the sphere floating.

Jubilee placemat

As a part of the schools 125th jubilee all students had to create a place mat. Since I like sports so much I decided to base mine on sports. We had to include a photo of ourselves and the 125th jubilee logo.

Tapa art

Here is my tapa art I did in class. I tried to make all the designs look Samoan. So I searched up some designs for inspiration.

Recount Writing

Ricos Birthday

Slowly driving down Hobson street, looking to try and find Rico’s house. We slowly pulled up to a house and Rico ran out of the garage in excitement.

Splash!!! the water flew up into the air as Braith did a huge bomb off the inflatable platform. We walked over to the spa and slowly dropped into the water. As Ricos mum walked in the door we quickly went and lined up for the slide. We rapidly raced down the slide, once we got to the end the lifeguard was furious.

Once we got back there were cans of silly string. I picked up a can and shook it around and sprayed it around the whole park. Suddenly I felt a mountain of silly string pour onto my head, It was a lot of fun.

We slowly dripped the icy cold fizzy drinks into the cups. I bounced the ball on the table and it sunk into the cup. Rico chugged down the fizzy. Rico picked up the ball and bounced it into the cup. I picked up the freezing cold cup and drank it. My brain froze as I read my challenge.

I had a lot of fun. It was the coolest birthday i’ve been to.

National Young Leaders Day 2016

On Monday the 16th of April some students from Auroa school traveled down to Palmerston North for NYLD. There was a variety of speaker inspiring us to make a difference. Some of the stories were very interesting. 

Thursday, 12 May 2016

D.P.E Cooking Tech

Here is my banana, coconut and lemon loaf that I created in cooking tech. The goal in cooking is to create lots of different foods and make them as healthy as we can. We also created a quiche and a salad dressing

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Robotics Engineering

As a part of our topic this year we focused on engineering. We had to design a robot and a trailer to try and pull some weights. We had to design a trailer and it had to be strong enough to hold it. Joe and I tried to design a trailer that would evenly spread the weight. In the end our robot carried about 5kgs.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Cricket Pitch

Here is a cricket pitch I made using tinkercad as a part of our thinkers keys. This is just the pitch but I'm going to add some seating around it later. It is 12cm long

The Big Game

Me and my teammates slowly walk down the steep path leading to the New Plymouth Old Boys rugby ground.

My hands shook as I reached for the number fifteen jersey. I grab it at the bottom and slide it over my head, it fitted perfectly. Butterflies flew around in my stomach. I grab each lace on my boot and nervously tied them. The coach called out “it's time to go”

I walked towards the dry hard field. The nerves started to kick in as I edged closer and closer. The crowd filled with millions of spectators roared as they saw the teams walking out. My stomach turned upside down. I patiently stood on the field waiting for the refs whistle to blow. The opposition looked as tall as skyscrapers. The ref asked if we were ready. Then he blew the whistle.

I wait for my opportunity to run. The ball gets kicked and fly’s to me. I reach out and catch the ball. The defender rushes up at me, I step off my left foot and sprinted up to the next defender SMASH!! The teams were competitive with each other and at the end of the game we couldn’t be separated.

We drew 17-17 and we still had two games left.

DPE 2016 Fabric Tech

Her is the apron that I completed in DPE fabric tech. While I was making this I learnt various skills such as how to do a running stitch and a gathering stitch. I can't wait till my next project.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Rules in schools

Her is a bit of writing I did in class. It is about a school in Auckland that has no rules when it comes to playtime. 

Auroa are the champions

Her is an article I wrote when we won the interschool athletics competition. It is between 5 schools and we have won it many time in the last 5 years.

The bullet

For reading we read a story. After we read the story we had to create a comic strip that shortened the story. The story was about a boy walking down the street and a man came up to him. He picked something up that the man dropped. Later on in the story he found out the man was a criminal.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Christchurch Earthquakes

One day for reading we were reading about the Christchurch earthquakes and learning how and earthquake occurs. Here are some things I learnt from the story.

Christchurch Earthquakes

Phillip Smith

Stuff I learnt

1. I learnt that NZ's biggest earthquake was over 100 years ago.
2. When an earthquake happens the ground is going up and down like a tramp.
3. I also learnt geology was the study of the earth.


What happened to all the other injured people in the Christchurch quake?

Statistics Investigation

Here is a chart that I did for maths. It was about favourite foods. I asked the class what their favourite food was out of the options and here was the results.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Literacy must do can do

Here is a photo of our literacy must do can do. We do it in reading time. There is a vareity of different activitys you can do. It is called must do can do because there are activity some activitys you have to do and activitys you can do. 

About me

Hi my name is Caleb and I live on a dairy farm. I have a cat and her name is spot. I enjoy playing rugby and just recently my team the Kaponga Under 12's just recently won the competition for the U12's. I enjoy riding my dirt bike up at the Barrett Road Motorcycle Park just out of New Plymouth. I have an Rm 85. I like to play lots of different sports like Basketball, Touch, Soccer, Tennis and Cricket. And also I just made it into the Central Ross Brown team which is a big competition throughout Tarankai. 

Word Study

Write the definition for all of your spelling words.  Set it out as shown.

Forty: The cardinal number that is the product of ten and four

illustrate: Clarify by giving an example of

Manageable: Capable of being managed or controlled

Opportunity: A possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances

Permanent: A series of waves in the hair made by applying heat and chemicals

Principle: A basic generalization that is accepted as true and that can be used as a basis for reasoning or conduct

Receive: Get something; come into possession of

Reign: A period during which something or somebody is dominant or powerful

Responsibility: The social force that binds you to the courses of action demanded by that force

Source: The place where something begins, where it springs into being

Write sentences for each of your words.  Set it out as shown (underline your word )

1. Some people are over Forty years old.
2. I was going to illustrate the story.
3. I think I am a Manageable person.
4. I had the Opportunity of being in the All Blacks.
5. I have a Permanent marker in my desk.
6. Mr Chittenden is the Principle of our school.
7.  Mum was about to Receive a package from England.
8. Floyd Mayweather will Reign above the rest.
9. I had the Responsibility of being on the student council.
10. There is a main power Source in our house

Maths 3.8.15

Here is a bit of maths I did in class. I had to split the cake into fifths and work out the decimal and the fraction for that number.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Calculating Time Differences

WALT: calculate time differences.

Below are the time differences New Zealand has with many other countries/ cities in the world. As we know this is because of the International Dateline which is located in Greenwich, to the right of New Zealand. 

If it is 10am on a Wednesday in Wellington, New Zealand what time would it be in these countries? 

Phuket                    5 hours    5am Wednesday
Indonesia                5 hours.          5am Wednesday
Spain                    10 hours.        12am Wednesday
Texas                    17 hours.         5pm Tuesday
Egypt                    10 hours.         12am Wednesday
Ukraine                9 hours.           1am Wednesday
Iran                    9 ½ hours    12:30am Wednesday                Scotland                11 hours          11pm Tuesday
Honolulu                10 hours.         12am Wednesday
Christchurch                0 hours.           10am Wednesday
Korea                    3 hours.           7am Wednesday
Beijing                    5 hours.           5am Wednesday
Adelaide                2 hours.           8am Wednesday
Dubai                    9 hours.           1am Wednesday
San Salvador                18 hours.         4pm Tuesday
Las Vegas                10 hours    12am Wednesday    

What is the importance of the international dateline?

The International Date Line is an imaginary line on the surface of the Earth that runs from the north pole to the south pole and demarcates the change of one calendar day to the next. It passes through the middle of the Pacific Ocean, roughly following the 180° line of longitude        

The All Blacks

The all blacks came into the rugby World Cup as the team to beat. They were the defending champs, they were looking to win back to back titles. Their first game was against Argentina they struggled against the Pumas, but the all blacks came away with the win.

The next couple of matches were convincing victories and with all the wins they advanced to the quarters. They played France and they absolutely smashed them. They then played South Africa in the semis.

They fought hard and narrowly won 18-20. They would face Australia in the finals. For many veterans it would be the last time playing in black for them. The all blacks came out looking confident and ready to go. They played well in the first half and in the second half the game was close, with all blacks fullback Ben Smith being yellow carded.

The game was close until local taranaki man Beauden Barrett scored in the 78th minute sealing the deal for New Zealand.

All blacks are world champions once again.

What I'm thankful for

I'm thankful that my parents go out of their way to do lots of fun and amazing things for me.

Such as providing me food, clothes and shelter. I am thankful that they spend their hard earned money on things like my motorbike and taking me on summer holidays to the beach.

I am thankful that Dad takes me to motocross a lot letting me practice my riding and having fun for a day. I am thankful that he is a hard working person.

I am thankful that Mum cooks me dinner every night, and takes me to visit my nana and other relatives. 

Every night I thank my parents for providing for me but they just make it seem like it's nothing but deep down I know that they are thankful to have me.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Character Description

My Nana is a great Nana, She lives out the back of Hawera. She is my Mum's Mum and she works on a dairy farm.

She is fantastic at knitting and an expert at sewing, she likes to do it when she has spare time. She knits sweaters and scarfs and all the stuff she knits looks really spectacular. She also bakes scrumptious things to eat and I enjoy cooking with her in the kitchen. There is never enough hours in the day for her, but she always makes time to see us, even though the farm demands her time.

She's a nice and caring person and when we are at her house she always looks after me. She is a smart person so if I am stuck or need help with what some words mean I know she is always there to help.

She is tallish and has grey, curly hair. She always has a smile on her face, and that's what makes Nana unique. I like to joke around with her and sometimes she finds the things I say funny.

I think my Nana is the best Nana ever.

Speech 2015

Rules in a Rugby League game are mainly to protect the players. When rules in are in place, players have less injuries, penalties for players who break rules usually keep players on track, and games flow better with less interruptions.

Firstly lots of the players were using their shoulders and knocking people down. Instead of wrapping their arms around the other player performing a proper tackle. Many players were getting concussed, or badly injured. Would you like this to happen to you?

Another good rule that protect players is that People can be put on report for an illegal play. This can lead to a suspension, which means they can not play in the next few matches. You can be given a yellow card for breaking a rule or dirty play. A yellow card results in a player coming off the field for ten minutes. If it's worse you can be given a red card resulting in the player coming off the field for the rest of the game.

My last point is, The game would flow a lot better with rules in place. The Referee controls the game, they are usually trained to control the game following the rules. If there were no rules for the Ref to use to control the game who knows how the game would turn out.

That is why I think rules should be kept in a game to keep the players safe.

Monday, 21 September 2015

A Comment In French

Here is a comment that i received on my blog, it came all the way on France. In school I have been learning French. There is words that are French that we use in English so some of the French words are easy to speak. I have enjoyed learning French and I would like to thank the school that sent me the comment.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

6 Sentence Story

In class we have been writing 6 sentence story's. We were writing a narrative in 6 sentences which was fun because you could be really creative with what you wrote.

There once lived a man called Robbie Gobinson.
He lived in a warehouse that was abandoned.
He was a brilliant gymnast who backflipped all over the warehouse.
He was too old to compete in any competitions.
He felt sad about that.
Although he was old he faked his age so he could compete in the olympics. 

Report Writing


Rugby is one of the most played games in the world. Lots of different countries compete in this sport all over the world.

 Many believe that rugby was first created when William Webb Ellis was playing a game of soccer with his friends. Then he picked up the ball and he started to run with it. The first ever Rugby World Cup was played in 1989. It was held in New Zealand and Australia.

Highest Scoring Game
The highest scoring game was in 1995 when the All Blacks faced up against Japan. The All Blacks Scored 145 points but Japan only came up with 17.

About The Game
The game is played with an oval shaped ball. There is fifteen players in each team on the field. The goal is to get to the other end of the field. You can pass the ball between your team mates, but you cannot pass the ball forward. There are various other rules to the game like you can be awarded a penalty for different reasons.

Rugby is a tough physical game. I enjoy playing rugby and I think lots of kids who are passionate about sports should give rugby a go.


The Dream Giver

The Dream Giver

The lanky man peered through the rickety window boards as he saw the kids sound asleep. He stood outside looking at the address, 2655 Kenzington Avenue that was the place. He softly touched the window, his soft pale skin gleamed in the moonlight. As he stepped through the window he firstly walked up to a little girls bed, on it laid an old rugged pair of ballet shoes. He then reached in his sack. He pulled out a shiny gold egg. He cracked it open then poured the liquid from the egg into the shoes. Rapidly the shoes lit up conveying a bright light throughout the room making the girls dream come true.

Dream after dream, kid after kid all of the dreams began to come true. And then there came the last child to make their dreams come true. He slowly cracked open the last egg, he poured it on the last child's prized possession to make their dreams come true but then..... As he turned around he saw an egg dropping to the floor. It landed on a book as he watched, the little astronauts dreams disappear from the air. He picked up the book and he saw what story was inside of the book. As he flickered through the pages he saw a little astronaut running from a deathly dragon.

The little boy was sprinting through a dense forest, he was running as hard as he could until..... Ahead of him was a big cliff which was the only thing stopping him from getting away. As he got to the edge he glanced behind his shoulder as he saw the dragon was getting closer and closer by the second. The dragon let out a big " ROAR ", the boy was frightened. But just as the boy thought he would die someone came to his rescue. It was the Dream Giver. 

He pulled out some of his spare eggs which he only used for emergencies and started to throw them at the ground and as he did a little plant started to grow. As he threw more and more eggs the little plant turned into a tree. The roots of the tree were so strong that they twisted around the dragon. The dragon fell to the ground, the astronaut was still standing in the same place the dragon was defeated.

As the Dream Giver flew out of the dream, everything went back to normal. The little boy laid sound asleep in his bed once again dreaming about someday being an astronaut. The Dream Giver quietly flew out the window off to a different house to make others dreams come true.

Maths 15/9/15

In class we have been working on time and time differences between different countries. We had to calculate what time it was in the different countries.

If it is 10am on a Wednesday in Wellington, New Zealand what time would it be in these countries? 

Phuket                    5 hours    5am Wednesday
Indonesia                5 hours.          5am Wednesday
Spain                    10 hours.        12am Wednesday
Texas                    17 hours.         5pm Tuesday
Egypt                    10 hours.         12am Wednesday
Ukraine                9 hours.           1am Wednesday
Iran                    9 ½ hours    12:30am Wednesday   
   Scotland                11 hours          11pm Tuesday
Honolulu                10 hours.         12am Wednesday
Christchurch                0 hours.           10am Wednesday
Korea                    3 hours.           7am Wednesday
Beijing                    5 hours.           5am Wednesday
Adelaide                2 hours.           8am Wednesday
Dubai                    9 hours.           1am Wednesday
San Salvador                18 hours.         4pm Tuesday
Las Vegas                10 hours    12am Wednesday